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Original Voluteers

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Тип: Развлечение и свободно време

Местоположение: район "Аспарухово"

01603 280702

Volunteering in Varna is an incredible and unique way to see the city. All organised by a dedicated local support team, who plan placements for the volunteers to help at.

Projects include:
- Playing with local children
- Helping disabled children ride horses
- Painting city murals
- Taking the Elderly out for some fresh air
- Beach clear ups
- Local art festival promotions
- Helping at animal shelters

Come with an open heart and experience different activities and see another side of the local community.

Summer programme runs between June and September, contact for more information.



забележителноститена Варна

Малки римски терми /III – VIв. сл. Хр. /

Малки римски терми /III – VIв. сл. Хр. /

Те са разположени в югоизточната част на съвременния град Варна, на юг от Големи Римските терми. Те са построени и функционират в периода 3 - 6-ти...
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