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What to see

Palace of Culture and Sports

Palace of Culture and Sports in Varna is a multifunctional complex for congress, cultural and sporting events. It has 6 multi-purpose halls, recreation center, fitness center, press center, a modern shopping center.
Congress Hall can be converted to a playing field (with dimensions 50h25m and 15 meters in height) with an electronic scoreboard for recording real playing time and performance.
Complex Mladost is composed of 5 separate rooms, suitable for training. It has soundproofed and electronic-controlled curtains.
The Palace Press hall is adjacent to the hall for training. It is suitable for holding press conferences, analysis and parsing of sports meetings and training. It is equipped with projector, mobile screen, Hi-Fi system, high speed Internet access.
The complex also has two gyms, equipped with modern training equipment. Sports and recreation center is furnished with equipment necessary for full recovery (saunas, jet) and rehabilitation of athletes, as well as electrotherapy and physiotherapy.
The Palace of Culture and Sports has a shopping center, offering opportunities for recreation and pleasant leisure.

115 Kniaz Boris I blvd., Varna 9000
Tel. +359 52 647 781
Opening hours: every day


Sightseeingsof Varna

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