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Seniors on Reciprocal Tourism

SORT refers to the abbreviation of the Seniors on Reciprocal Tourism title. It concerns a multilateral project with 7 EU partners from South Eastern Europe.

The central idea is to design, trial, evaluate, document, diffuse and valorize a new touristic package and service for tourists over 55 years old. 

The main objective is to facilitate the mobility of the elderly towards the partners’ local communities by giving them the properties of a wanderer-guest, as well as of a volunteer. Senior tourists, apart from the touristic and educational activities the hosting partner will organize for them, they will be given the opportunity to share their knowledge on a field they master—either professionally or by hobby. The receivers of the ‘knowledge’ will be individuals and groups from the local community of the project partners, such as students, youth, women, people with special needs etc. In this way, a new form of tourism will be developed that will involve mutual giving and receiving; Project partners will adapt the model into their regular activities and it is expected to enhance the flow of senior tourists and to facilitate the prolongation of the low touristic seasonality. 

Within project framework partners will elaborate different local hosting programs for seniors and for the local community, will physically meet to present them to the others, will test them in pilot applications and will assess and evaluate the results. Finally they will develop a guide containing the description of the whole process. The model will be disseminated widely in partners’ regions to other seniors in an effort to involve future participants. The entire project will be also promoted to a number of international tourism fairs.

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