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Discover Varna

ALL NOW project

Varna is included as a tourist destination  in the ALL NOW project, funded by the European Commission.

Participation is through the Varna based  tour operator "Goranov I & V" Ltd.

In consortium with partners from Italy and Germany, the company applied for,  and was approved for financing for  ALL NOW - Accessibility for Leisure in Life Now.

The objective is to improve the accessibility to tourist sites / events for tourists with special needs.

The project is within a program of the Executive  Agency for Small and Medium Size Enterprises, EASME,  for preparation and promotion of an accessible tourist itinerary initially in the three countries. It will  feature  common European cultural heritage of traditional festivals of culture and art.

Subsequently, this route will become the basis of a  pan-European map of tourist attractions .  

ALL NOW  was launched on July 1, 2016 and  will last for 18 months.

Partners are 9 organizations from three countries - trade and tourism chambers from Italy, Germany and Bulgaria, hotel association from Italy, Bulgarian tour operator.

The project coordinator is the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany, based in Berlin. The electronic version of the route will be made by the partner - Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Germany.


"Goranov I & V" Ltd. as a representative of Bulgaria in the consortium, together with the other Bulgarian partner - Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, suggested Festival "Varna Summer" and "Apollonia Art Fest" to be included in the itinerary. Professors from the University of Applied Sciences Anhalt, Germany made standardized templates for filling in information about the festival facilities  and nearby  accommodations and  restaurants.

The information is gathered through physical inspection of the venues of the events and by selecting data on websites, brochures, advertising materials, publications in the media.

Besides the Festival complex, the Opera House and the Summer Theatre, the itinerary will include 20 city and resort hotels, suitable for accommodating people with disabilities.

The project is expected to promote Varna and the region as a place of cultural and educational tourism, in line with the efforts of the Municipality of Varna to attract low-cost air companies to Varna airport.

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