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Dormition of the Mother of God – DAY OF VARNA

15.08.2017г. - 15.08.2017г.

The celebrations start with a lithurgy in the Cathedral "Dormission of The Mother of God". Raising of the flag ceremony is usually on the "Sv. sv. Kiril i Metodiy Sq.", followed by a procession. during the whole day there are music and dance performances on the "Rakovina" stage in the Sea Garden. There is a gala concert in the Summer Theatre in the evening, along with the ceremonial "Honoured Citizen of Varna". Later in the evening there is a concert with the participation of popular pop and rock musicians in the area of the Sea Port. 

Venue: "Rakovina" Stage, Summer Theatre, Sea Port and other city points

Organiser: Varna Municipality

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Small (south) Roman Thermae /3rd and 6th century AD/

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