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Dormition of the Mother of God – DAY OF VARNA


Divine liturgy in the "Dormition of the The Holy Mother of God" Cathedral (Katedralen Hram Uspenie Bogoroditschno) and icon procession. All the day round different ensembles and performers present their art on the "Rakovina" Stage in the Sea Garden. In the evening an official concert takes place in the Open-air Theater where is held the ceremony bestowing the title Honorary Citizen of Varna on Bulgarian and foreign persons for their contributions and merits to the development of the municipality. Late in the evening a rock and pop concert is organized in the area of Sea Port featuring well known pop and rock singers.


6th of August
10:00hrs - Sea park entrance
Photo exhibition "140 years Bulgarian Navy"

11th of August
8:30hrs - Varna Seaport
Official rising of the Flag
First Officer rank ceremony of "Nicola Vaptzarov" Naval school graduates

13th - 18th of August
Varna - Balchik - St. Vlas - Bourgas
19th edition of International Regatta "Cor Caroli"

14th of August
18:30hrs - "Largo" Gallery
Graphic exhibition

15th of August
09:00hrs - "Dormition of the Holy Mother" Cathedral
Holy service
10:30hrs -"St. St. Cyril and Metodius" square
Festive rising of Varna flag
10:40hrs -"St. St. Cyril and Metodius" square
"Holy Mother" icon procession

Children programme 15th of August:

09:30hrs - Sea park, "Rakovina" stage
"Magical mirror" children attraction

10:00hrs - Sea park, "Rakovina" stage
Interactive performance

11:00hrs - Sea park, "Rakovina" stage
Puppet workshop

15:00 - 19:00hrs - Aquarium
Educational games

18:30 - 19:45hrs - Sea park, "Rakovina" stage
Children entertainment


18:30hrs - Varna port
Official opening cor Caroli International Regatta
Prize giving ceremony race Varna bay

20:00hrs - Open air theater
Concert ("Varna" ensemble, "St. Yoan Kukuzel" ensemble, "Svetoglas" quartet, Donko Markov, "Vakali" group

20:30hrs - "Nezavisimost" square
Concert by the fountain (Varna State Opera orchestra)

20:00hrs - Varna port
Concert (contemporary artists)

23:00hrs - Laser show and fireworks


Venues: Open-air Theater, Rakovina Stage, area of Marine Station and out-door stages in the city

Organizer: Varna Municipality, Culture and Intellectual Development Directorate

Other upcoming
Varna - European City of Sport 2019

Varna - European City of Sport 2019

Prince Igor - opera

Prince Igor - opera

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The Fountain on Nezavisimost square

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