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A Journey in December with Wines and Flavours

December 1st 2018 (Saturday) from 11.00h till 19.00h
College ofTourism, Slivnica Blvd 158 A, University of Economics, Varna - Third Corps
For the fourth consecutive year “The Bulgarian Sommeliers and Wine Connoiseurs Association” invites its current and future friends to an event to say good bye to the golden autumn and to welcome the season of miracles - the festive Christmas.
On December 1st from 11.00h till 19.00h we are glad to invite you to a quite different wine tasting!
We are going to present you a special selection of wines from all over the world which will be accompanied by culinary surprises, prepared especially for this event.
We will challenge your curiosity and will ensure a fine harmony between the food and the boutique wines, selected by experienced sommeliers.
In the festival of the season „ A Wine Tour Around the World” we will explore the world accompanied by wines from the Old and the New world.
It will be a great pleasure and honour to us to share this experience with you!
A side event - „Culinary exhibition – Christmas and wine“ of homemade dishes with a small competition and an auction.
Entrance fee: 10 BGN
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