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Traditional feast Asparuhovo sings and dances

13.06.2019г. - 15.06.2019г.

It is held annually on the first Saturday and Sunday of June. Its first edition was in 1966. The programme features ensembles from Prosveta Public Cultural Center, from the schools of the district, pensioners’ clubs and from the whole Asparuhovo district. There are different stages – for rock, pop and folk performances presented by guest amateurs from the whole country. The feast ends with a big concert by professional Bulgarian pop singers. This year we celebrate 110th anniversary of the district's establishment. 

Venue: Asparuhovo Park
Organizers: Prosveta Public Cultural Center and Asparuhovo District 
For contact: Lyubka Todorova, Secretary, tel.: 052/370 934, mob. 0899 950 506; e-mail: 

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