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28th International Ballet Competition

15.07.2018г. - 30.07.2018г.

“The International Ballet Competition – Varna” was established in 1964. Its first edition was held from 15 to 30 July at the Open-Air Theatre in the same city – the biggest sea resort of Bulgaria. It is the first professional international ballet competition in the world.
On this occasion the world-famous French ballet master Serge Lifar said:
“The Varna Competition is a unique event in the history of ballet, an event of huge importance…”.

A strict organization which recognizes the age of the participants. Seniors and juniors are judged individually and awarded separate prizes. All activities during the out of the competition are regulated by pre-announced regulations, whereby the relevant schedule is strictly adhered to. Maximum efforts are exerted to ensure adequate rehearsals in halls specially equipped for the purpose and on the stage of the Open-Air Theatre.
Special attention is paid to the work of the International Jury. Only in Varna, among all other competitions, full computerization of voting is implemented. Each member of the International Jury gives the relevant mark immediately after the performance of the dancer. By a special device the mark is entered, with a unique code, into the Jury’s computer without any interference of an operator or mediator. A mathematical system is applied to prevent extreme personal opinions to influence the marks of the competitors.

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