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European mobility week - Varna, 2017


Varna for the first year will support Car-free day. Stay tuned!

EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK takes place every year from 16 to 22 September. The week encourages European municipalities to introduce and promote sustainable transport measures and to invite people to try out alternatives to car use.
Since its introduction in 2002, the impact of EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK has steadily grown, both across Europe and around the world. In 2016 the campaign broke the participation record; 2 427 towns and cities from 51 countries organised activities during the week. Just over half of the participating towns and cities implemented permanent measures, amounting to a total of 7 386, primarily focusing on mobility management, accessibility, and new or improved bicycle facilities.

The week culminates in Car-Free Day, where participating towns and cities set aside one or several areas solely for pedestrians, cyclists, and public transport for a whole day. In 2016, 953 cities organised a Car-Free Day.

Each EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK edition focuses on a particular topic related to sustainable mobility. This year’s theme is ‘Clean, shared, and intelligent mobility’. It promotes shared mobility solutions and highlights the benefits of cleaner modes of transport. Intelligent transport technologies can also facilitate sharing. People are encouraged to make use of shared mobility options available to travel within their cities and also to travel between towns, cities and sub- urban areas.

more info at: www.mobilityweek.eu
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Small (south) Roman Thermae /3rd and 6th century AD/

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