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Foti Fotev painting exhibition "Immensity"

18.04.2019г. - 09.05.2019г.

18th April - 8th May 2019

Art Gallery Le Papillon

Opening - 18th of April - 18:18hrs


Art Gallery Le Papillon is pleased to present for the first time with a solo exhibition in 
Varna the talented marine painter from Burgas Foti Fotev. From April 18th to May 9th, 2019, in the space of the gallery, we convey the expanse of the sea in the form of 16 paintings selected for the exhibition “Immensity”. Foti Fotev is a lyric artist convincingly reflecting the emotional impact of both the variable Black Sea and seemingly insignificant field landscapes in different seasons but all possessing magnetism and meaning beyond the visible. The real sense of our sea-typical nuances he achieves with his mastery of density and depth of color, playful thin masks and fine oil painting. In his works we find either the power of the water element or the harmonious tranquility of the infinite sea. We can distinguish the typical Black Sea from pink through blue to deep greenish shades, which makes Fotev a honest and highly recognizable marinist. 
Why the Black Sea? - someone will ask. The answer comes logically and naturally - good paintings are born of themes deeply interesting for the artist, or landscapes that provoke feelings to be shared. And the shore of the Black Sea has formed his image of the world and shapes the romantic emotionality of Foti Fotev. Because he is not just a documentary-realist, he is a marinist expressing himself with the principles of classical painting. He recreates the emotionally sensational feeling that provokes the Black Sea, proving him as belonging to the beauty and richness of the native he grew up with. His landscapes are so influential, because they are made often pleinair, often after a long observation of the various states of the sea. The artist's talent to recreate the expanse of the sea is fascinating, and this also provokes freedom of thought. 

The sea carries the symbol of deep sensitivity and often says that people living beside the sea are wise. Perhaps because the vast expanse of sea incites to reflection, it absorbs with the rhythm of the waves our worries and frees the spirit from the material burdens.


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