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11.08.2017г. - 30.09.2017г.

It has been held since 1981. Originally it was organized as a national exhibition of graphic artists with a participation of international artists. The main initiators and organizers were the Committee of Culture, Union of Bulgarian Artists and the Regional Council of Culture – Varna. In 1987 its statute as International Print Biennial was approved. During the 1990s the Ministry of Culture and the Union of Bulgarian Artists bit by bit withdrew their financial support. From 1981 to 1991 it was held from May until the end of August. In the period 1993 – 2001 it was organized in the autumn – October – December. In the statute the Biennial is defined as “an international forum and encounter of artists from different countries, bearing the wealth and variety of the world graphic art which plays and important role for the mutual exchange of ideas, for the intellectual and artistic contacts of artists and peoples in the struggle for peace, beauty and humanism”. The works of the biennial are exhibited in the City Art Gallery Boris Georgiev. 

Venue: City Art Gallery Boris Georgiev

Organiser: Varna Municipality, Ministry of Culture in Bulgaria, Union of Bulgarian Artists

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