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Ikebana Exhibition in Varna

12.10.2018г. - 16.10.2018г.

At this exhibition, which is within the festival program of 29th Days of Japanese Culture, the members of the Ikebana Association Soga and the Ikebana Group at Yasna Polyana Chitalishte - Varna, who are followers of the Sogetsu School, will mobilize all their creativity and will show how the beauty of flowers, embedded in a variety of non-material materials, can find an external manifestation.

The exhibition can be visited in the Festival and Congress Center in Varna between 12th and 16th October. Free entry.

Additional events:
Varna - 13.10.2018, 11.00 hrs.
Presentation, demonstration and workshop "Make your first Ikebana composition"
Entrance fee - 5 BGN (payable at the entrance)

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