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Innowave Summit 2018

19.10.2018г. - 20.10.2018г.

Innowave Summit 2018

19- 20th October 2018

Palace of Culture and Sports - Varna

Innowave Summit 2018 is the best high tech conference in Southeast Europe with a major accent on Digitalization of business and public sectors and focus on Innovations in Marketing, Sales, E-Commerce and all industries. The event will take place on 19-20 October and together with Innowave Pre Summit are one of the main events of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the digital domain, aiming at setting a trajectory of growth of Europe, empowered by the innovation through legislation and focus on the digital economy and society. The goal of the event is to encourage innovative and creative thinking and to create a favorable environment in which participants can exchange successful business models, experience and good practices. Innowave Summit 2018 is being held in partnership with Municipality Varna (One of the new 30 digital hubs in Europe) and with the support of the Ministry of Economy of Bulgaria, European Startup Network and Startup Europe (European Commission Initiative).


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