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Jewellery Collective Exhibition of Art Gallery Le Papillon - MIRROR IMAGES

20.02.2020г. - 18.03.2020г.






From 20.02. 2020 to 18.03.2020


It is a pleasure for Art Gallery Le Papillon to invite you from February 20th to March 18th at the Exhibition Hall at 12 Dragoman Street, Varna to look into the MIRROR IMAGES of the artists, expressed in jewellery and perhaps to recognize in some of them our own essence.


The persistence of our desire to arouse the imagination of the artist, to cultivate a taste and interest in jewellery, as an exquisite, unique form of expression for the viewers, turned into a beloved and followed tradition the Annual Jewellery Collective Exhibition of Art Gallery Le Papillon. This kind of ritual for awakening the beauty at the beginning of the year is expected with curiosity and excitement by many fans of jewelry. And here is the 10th edition of our Annual MIRROR IMAGES JEWELRY COLLECTION EXHIBITION. Each edition continues the original concept of the project for an annual overview of this much-loved fine and applied art. It upgrades it with the development of design and jewellery scale and provokes the birth of new collections. We are interested in following not only the new works of favorite designers, but also the ideas of new authors, presented for the first time in the space of Le Papillon Art Gallery. Participants in MIRROR IMAGES this year are 48 carriers of unique ideas and aesthetics of contemporary trends. Along with the established designers and jewelers, students from the Department of Metal at the National Academy of Sciences - jewelry workshop with Prof. Dimitar Delchev and Dr. Mirena Zlateva again participate in this edition. And the variety of materials is really great: precious metals - silver and gold; precious and semi-precious stones; pearls; natural materials such as wood, horn, seeds, porcelain; textiles; woven copper, as well as all other modern materials.


In this 10th edition of 2020, with apparently symmetrically arranged mirror figures, we will not only analyze the optical effect of reflection in a mirror, we will discuss whether our IMAGE in the form of jewellery complements us or is our opposite. Is the IMAGE the same as the reflected object or is it half different? Are the MIRROR IMAGES shiny and full of light, which is the necessary factor for reflection? Do they express another oneself that often one wants to publicly display or reflect our deep self as a crystal reflection? Is jewellery our narcissistic reflection or does it reflect deeper layers than our appearance? We often use mirrors not only to check our appearance and to evaluate it, to adjust it if necessary, but also to look at the surrounding reality from another angle. Mirrors make our lives easier by revealing through reflections what cannot reach our eye, bringing light into the environment we inhabit, even showing what is hidden around the corner. Mirror images multiply everything they reflect, no matter what the content is. Reflection is an optical effect that offers us the ability to evaluate quickly, analyze and decide what we want to do and what we want to be. Do we want to change or what we see makes us happy?


The challenge for the artists this year is to create jewellery that is contemplated with the kind of attention, satisfaction and love that every person should feel when looking in the mirror. Jewellery that reminds viewers to be real and authentic as a crystal clear image and reflect their true self. The purpose of this exhibition is to prove that through precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones, natural materials of nature, such as wood, horn, seeds, porcelain, as well as all other modern materials, the fantasy can be expressed and materialized in MIRROR IMAGES intertwined with the artist's emotional, aesthetic and subtle skills. In the past 9 collections of jewellery exhibitions we have "cultivated" the viewers' perceptions of the new objects - jewellery, achieved achievements in the rules of "agriculture", made an ideological-figurative study on the "interactions" of the object-viewer, designed and actually executed "gravitational objects" The "resonance" of the environment, we defined the endless "balance game" and tried to define the terms for "near and far".


The exhibition is to be reminded that the function of jewellery is not only to decorate us, to express our style, accessories, taste, but also to bring joy and satisfaction from the physical touch to the small exquisite plastic, to bring aesthetic pleasure from shape, volume, color, as and the material sense of completeness from the presence of the object. That jewellery is a personal and intimate art that connects artist and viewer in a very delicate and profound way.


Let's see how contemporary design in jewellery approaches the aesthetics of viewers; how classical jewellery touches the human need for beauty, harmony, comfort and warmth through jewelry; how jewellery reflects both our essence and our relationship to the world as a mirror.

Le Papillon Art Gallery invites you to take a look at different MIRROR IMAGES with the means of different materials turned into objects and through the language of imagination:

• Images that convey a sense of symmetry generated by the mirror effect

• Objects that encode the artist's reflection

• Images that reflect the surrounding world of the artist

• Objects which, by their minimalistic nature, are closest to the subtle nature of their holder

• Objects that reflect an abundance of light and splendor, even luxury

• Objects that create the feeling that they reflect luck and success for the jewellery wearer

• Images that reflect a sense of comfort and coziness

• Interactive futuristic images filled with materials of the future

• Images as amulets reflecting the protective function of the material

• Large objects that reflect the most complete and rich sense of completeness


The participants of the 10th edition of our Annual JEWELLERY COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION MIRROR IMAGES are:


August Spasov, Alexandra Angelova, Alexander Penev, Angelina Tsvetkova, Angelo Krasini, Antoaneta Shtereva, Bilyana Kopoeva, Blagovesta Kenova, Bogdana Topreva, Borislav Krastev, Vasilena Stancheva, Vari Hayrapetyan, Velislava Bojinova, Victor Pavlov, Vladimir Vankov, Vladimir Nikolov, Vladimir Radoev, Vyara Ivanova, Gergana Trukanova, Hrahat Haypetyan - Grant, Daniela Andreevska, Daniela Radoeva, Dayana Kazakova, Detelina Zhivkova, Prof. Dimitar Delchev, Evgeniya Ivanova, Evgeniya Ilkova, Evgeniya Tsankova, Elena Kafedziiska, Iosif Iosifidis - IOSIF, Kalina Chankova, Kalina Filcheva, Kamena Sirakova, Lena Staribratova, Maria Stoyanova, Mira Dzhambazka, Dr. Mirena Zlateva, Nevena Veleva, Nikolay Sardamov, Petya Taneva, Ralitsa Dekovska, Sevdalina Ivanova, Simeon Shomov, Snezhana Neykova, Teodor Lulchev, Teodora Savova, Yavor Kondov, Yana Tankovska.


The MIRROR IMAGES exhibition can be seen from February 20th to March 18th, 2020 in the exhibition hall of Art Gallery Le Papillon on 12 Dragoman Street, Varna /to the Puppet Theater/.


Opening day: 02/20/2020 / Thursday / from 16:00 to 19:00.



Here is what some of the participants are currently sharing:


Angelina Tsvetkova


Sometimes they sit for months .... sometimes for years ..... waiting to be fixed ....

Is the mystery a creative process.... you start it .... and you don't know where it will take you.

Depicted in Egyptian mythology as a woman with a cat head or simply as a cat, daughter of the sun-god Ra.

Bastet is the goddess of joy, beauty, music and fertility.

According to one legend, Bastet is believed to have wished to be buried in Strandja.


Alexandra Angelova



Sometimes I find myself in front of you.

Sometimes I close like a little girl with all my emotions.

Sometimes I explode, I lose integrity and I crack.

Sometimes I'm wrapped in knots of feelings and you can't see my essence.

This is me.

Color moods.


Diana Kazakova



Through my sculptural research, I have focused on the multiplication of self. Inspired by oval shapes, it forms a dialogue between two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality.


Daniela Radoeva


"Did I hear the song of the rooster?

Did the light pour over me?

Maybe it's a swan down

Instead of snow in those winter fields .. "

Sergey Esenin

Maria Stoyanova


To some extent, each young person is a white sheet on which she/he or others draw, scratch, leave marks and marks, or erase memories. In this particular phase of life, when we face certain transitional moments, we make small or big steps, sometimes jumps. It is difficult to achieve some of the goals we set ourselves. Sometimes we wander confused, sometimes emotionally give out, but somehow, though difficult to concentrate energy, effort, knowledge and reach new horizons.

Initial ideas, goals and aspirations undergo drastic changes, going through stages that leave us with traces, memories and feelings, some positive, others sad or completely chaotic. These conditions leave in us certain "spots" that are sometimes gray, sometimes colored, many times random and fleeting and fade quickly, but sometimes they are sealed forever.

The collection of jewellery consists of “Stains” made of silver and colored enamels. The shapes in the individual compositions range from sophisticated silhouettes combining different colors, shades and textures to an attempt to completely clear planes and contours. The jewellery collection aims to look at first glance absolutely chaotic and random shapes such as spots. Subordinating them to something of a certain function and purpose, to something deliberate with a clear silhouette and a clean line, in an attempt to turn chaos into harmony. 

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