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Chinese Classical Dance "FEN MO"


26 January 2018 - Hall 1 - 7:00 pm

Festival and Congress Center
Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Bulgaria


Presentation of the dance:

“Fen Mo” was inspired by the saying of “if by using ink a painter can allude to the five colors, we say that he has grasped the mind. But if a painter’s mind is fixed on the five colors themselves, the essence of things will escape him, ” from “The Record of paintings of All Dynasties” by YanYuan Zhang of Tang Dynasty (618-907). The choreographer tries to bring to life with the dancers’ movements the unique form of aesthetics of Chinese painting. How the ink infuses the rice paper and diffuses in shades of dark or light, wet or dry, intense or muted, is just like the dancer’s body in motion: breathing in or out, moving or still, opened up or withdrawn, quick or slow, rising or falling. The dance fully utilized traditional elements such as “Breath”, “Stilts”, “Hair”, “Sleeves”, “Sword”, “Fan”,“Umbrella”, and “Skirt” to covey emotions such as "Affectionateness", " Exquisiteness", "Enamor," "Grievance", "Sadness", "Leisure", and "Love” in the Chinese spiritual world; which are inclusive of both historical and cultural memories, and the passing down of Chinese classical essences.


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