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14.08, Monday,  21:00 - 23:00
Summer theater

Musical by A. L. Webber
Director Svetozar Donev, Choreographer Anna Doneva, Conductor Stratsimir Pavlov
In the starring roles: Old Deuteronomy – Lyudmil Petrov, Munkustrap - Velin Mihaylov (22.06), Plamen Dolapchiev (14.08), Rum Tum Tugger - Neycho Petrov - Reggie, Demeter - Srebrina Sokolova, Bombalurina - Philippa Rujenova, Grizabella - Daniela Dimova (22.06), Vyara Zhelezova (14.08)

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is the contemporary genius of the musical. After its premiere in the West End in London in 1981 and its American production on Broadway in New York, the next year the musical was performed all over the world, gaining tremendous success. The cats’ world embedded in Cats directly relates to the diverse types in human society – stealing cats, criminal cats, prostituting cats… Prof. Svetozar Donev sought a modern,clear and stylized vision, closer to his contemporaries. Anna Doneva focused on the people with whom she was working.In her opinion, the cats’ world embedded in Cats is not foreign to ours.

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