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24.06.2018г. - 20.09.2018г.

As a precursor of Varna Summer IMF are considered the First Public Music Celebrations in Varna, 1926. The idea originated from Varna culture promoters Ghertcho Ghertchev, Ivan Kamburov, Vassil Stavrev, Naiden Naidenov, Yordan Todorov, warmly supported by the composers Dobri Hristov, Pantcho Vladigerov, Maestro Georgi Atanasov. After a break of 3 years (1932 - 1935) the celebrations are resumed and last until 1939 (in 1938 it was first attempted to make the celebrations international) and are stopped again with the beginning of World War II. In 1957 the Varna Summer Music Celebrations were resumed under the name of "Varna Summer". Gradually they have attracted the best Bulgarian performers and ensembles as well as world-famous foreign performers. The overall image of the festival is characterized by the presentation of masterpieces of Bulgarian and world music with a diversity of genres and performance by renowned musicians. Varna Music Institutions and renowned Bulgarian performers and ensembles traditionally perform here. Foreign soloists, conductors, symphony and chamber orchestras, choirs, ballet ensembles of world value impress with their yearly presence. Many premieres are presented on the festival stage. The cycles "Days of the Young Chamber Performer" and "Early Music" are also met with great interest. Since 1984 the Varna Summer Academy has been included in the festival. The Master classes are led by pedagogues and performers of international authority and fame. Since 1993 Varna Summer has been enriched by the Scientific Meetings. 

Venues: Festival and Congress Center, Drama Theater, City Art Gallery, Open-air Theater, Graffiti Gallery 

Organizers: Varna Municipality, Culture and Intellectual Development Directorate 

For contacts: Plamena Tsoneva – tel 052 820 669; mob. 0888630092;
e-mail: tsoneva@varnasummerfest.org

For more information: www.varnasummerfest.org

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