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XXVI International Theatre Festival "Varna Summer"

01.06.2018г. - 11.06.2018г.

The INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL “VARNA SUMMER” is an event within a larger frame of art festivals with long traditions carried out in the city of Varna, including music festival initiated in 1926, ballet competition that started in 1964, jazz and folklore festivals, taking place since 1992.  The festival has been supported by the Bulgarian Theatre Association (BAT), the Municipality of Varna and the Ministry of Culture. It’s first edition was in 1993. Until 2004 BAT used to take over the main functions of organizing and programming the theatre festival and afterwards these functions were transferred to the “VIA FEST – International Theatre Festival Varna Summer” Foundation.

The first three festival editions comprised entirely of selected Bulgarian productions. After 1995 the festival turned into an international forum, which offers a parallel program of workshops, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and others. More venues started presenting festival events and apart from the stages of the Drama Theatre in Varna and the Puppet Theatre in Varna, the festival attracted also the Festival and Congress Centre – Varna, City Art Gallery – Varna, Archaeological Museum – Varna, “Graffit” Gallery and others. The festival established more partnerships with various local, national and international organizations with whom it cooperates on the realization of various conferences, educational modules and coproductions.

Gradually the festival program got structured around four main modules: Main Program – Bulgarian Selection, Main Program – International Selection, Showcase Program (organized together with Art Office – a showcase of innovative and mobile Bulgarian productions, presented not just for the festival audience, but also for the specially invited selectionists and programmers of international festivals, venues and organizations) and Parallel Program.  This mosaic principle is in accordance with the aim of the festival to create a space for dialogue where different visions of theatre and different artists from all over the world and different audiences can meet.

INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL “VARNA SUMMER” is Bulgaria’s biggest international theatre event. It is a proud owner of the “European Festival” label – an European certificate for quality, part of the project “Europe For Festivals – Festivals For Europe”.

You can check the programme of the international selection on: http://viafest.org/varna/en/programme/






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