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XVI European Music Festival- Varna

12.04.2019г. - 08.05.2019г.


This festival was established in 2004 under the initiative of Elite Music Agency in partnership with Cantus Firmus. The festival’s programme includes symphony, chamber concerts and recitals.

Organizer:  Elite Music Agency and Cantus Firmus

For contact: Maria Kondova, Elite Music tel. 052 390 801; 0888 322 398 е-mail:;

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Sightseeingsof Varna

Small (south) Roman Thermae /3rd and 6th century AD/

Small (south) Roman Thermae /3rd and 6th century AD/

They are located in the southeastern part of today’s Varna, further south of the Large Roman Thermae. They were built in the 3rd-6th...
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