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Opera in the Open-air Theater Varna 2020

18.06.2020г. - 24.08.2020г.

18.06- 24.08.2020

Program 2020
18-06-2020, 21:00hrs Corona Opera Gala
24-06-2020, 21:00hrs- "Singing in the rain"-musical
30-06-2020, 21:00hrs- "La Traviata"-opera
06-07-2020, 21:00hrs- "The barber of Seville"- opera
10-07-2020, 21:00hrs- "Chicago"-musical
16-07-2020, 21:00hrs- "Flamenco Carmen"-opera(premiere)
21-07-2020, 21:00hrs-  The Best of Andrew Lloyd Weber
25-07-2020, 21:00hrs- "Chaplin"-musical
01-08-2020, 21:00hrs- "Chaplin"-musical
10-08-2020, 21:00hrs- "Macbeth"-opera
12-08-2020, 21:00hrs- "Macbeth"-opera
14-08-2020, 21:00hrs- "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame"-concert
18-08-2020, 21:00hrs- "Don Quixote of La Mancha"-ballet
20-08-2020, 21:00hrs- "Aida"-opera
22-08-2020, 21:00hrs- "Swan lake"-ballet
24-08-2020, 21:00hrs-  Opera Gala

Venue: Open-air Theater

Organiser: Varna State Opera, Varna Municipality

Contacts: 052 665 020, 052 650 666, e-mail:;


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Corona Opera Gala

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