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Opera gala


Summer theater,21:00 - 23:00
24.08, Thursday
Director Srebrina Sokolova, Conductor Grigor Palikarov
Soloists: Valentina Koutzarova, Milen Bozhkov, Nikolay Dobrev, Linkka Stoyanova, Daniela Dyakova, Irina Zhekova, Arseniy Arsov, Valeriy Georgiev, Evgeniy Stanimirov, Svilen Nikolov   

Grigor Palikarov graduated from the Music School Dobrin Petkov – Plovdiv in Piano and the National Music Academy Prof. Pancho Vladigerov in Sofia with master’s degrees in four majors: Opera and Symphonic Conducting, taught by Prof. Vasil Kazandzhiev and Prof. Ivan Vulpe, Composition taught by Prof. Dimitar Tapkov, Piano – Prof. Krasimir Taskov and Choir Conducting taught by Prof. Stoyan Kralev.
He specialized in Composition with Prof. Erich Urbanner from the Vienna Conservatoire. He began his career as a conductor with the Symphonic Orchestra of the Ensemble of the Bulgarian Army. Meanwhile he was chief artistic director of the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra Pioneer (1998-2003). He debuted at the National Opera and Ballet – Sofia in 1998, conducting the Gala Concert of Ghena Dimitrova at her personal request. His repertoire includes more than 50 opera and ballet titles. Since the 2005/2006 season he has been chief artistic director of the Symphony and Operetta Society Maestro G. Atanasov in Pazardzhik. He has guest-performed in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Russia, USA, Slovenia, Taiwan, Netherlands, Korea, Japan. He conducted the Royal Belgian Philharmonic – Brussels, the National Opera and Ballet – Ljubljana,
Symphonic Orchestra Century – Taipei, Taiwan, the Opera Circle Company – Cleveland, USA.


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