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RADAR Festival

03.08.2017г. - 06.08.2017г.

The emerging RADAR FESTIVAL aims at stretching the boundaries of cultural life in Varna. Our goal is to promote music projects that coherently collaborate with a wide variety of artistic forms such as film, video art, spoken word, contemporary theatre and dance, and probably the most creative sector of our modern life – technology. Our RADAR detects cross-points between different music genres and trends, and at the same time between music and other forms of art. 

Our RADAR seeks creativity, which goes beyond traditional frames; explores the pure artistic expression and assists in the process of developing authentic experiences. RADAR`s platform represents brave and innovative ideas through concerts, performances, discussions, workshops and ateliers for all – kids and elders, professionals and art lovers. RADAR creates space for powerful encounter with а new aesthetic.

RADAR Festival Beyond Music
Varna, Frederic joliot curie  № 42
phone: +359 887 54 47 52

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