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22.05.2018г. - 25.05.2018г.

It is an international project which pilot edition was set in Varna in 2007. In the same year the Slavic Literary and Artistic Academy was established as well. Today it has branches in all 11 Slavic countries as well as in 5 other European states. The main purpose of this forum is to bring closer the cultural values on the basis of the common proto-language and cultural heritage of Slavs. The two international prizes Flying Feather and Slavonic Atlas are awarded in Varna. Such festivals are organized not only in Varna but in Warsaw, Moscow, Riga, Belgrade and other cities. Their programmes include round tables, concerts, authors readings, chamber theater performances, exhibitions of translated and published books, exchange of leading art-editions in the Slavic world. The international festival of poetry is held annually featuring authors from most of Slavic countries – Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia. 

Venue: Radio Varna, City Art Gallery

Organizer – Slavic Literary and Artistic Academy

For contacts: Elka Nyagolova – tel. 052 602 014; mob. 0888 840 106; e-mail cavaletvarna@gmail.bg

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