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IX International Sofia Film Festival– Varna 2018

16.03.2018г. - 25.03.2018г.

March 17 starts the next edition of Sofia Film Festival in Varna. Selected 17 film - winner of the prestigious international festival forums. Varna audience will see the best European examples: "Tony Erdmann", "Franz", "The unknown girl," "I, Daniel Blake", "Altamira", "Sweet dreams." "Moonlight" - winner of the "Oscar" 2017 for best film, supporting actor and adapted screenplay will be among the aesthetic delights in the program of Sofia Film Fest 2017. Fans of Bulgarian cinema will see three productions with Bulgarian participation: "Lift patients "- director Iglika Trifonova," and then the light "- director Bojanov and" Belgian King "with directors: Jessica Woodworth and Peter Brosens and control with a Valentin Ganev and singer Nina Nikolina. "Belgian King" is beautifully filmed comedy about the journey of a king in the Balkans. SIFF 2018 will continue until 24 March The event is hosted Festival and Congress Centre.

The programme you can find here.


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