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The Important Things - exhibition

12.07.2018г. - 07.08.2018г.

"The Important Things" - exhibition
12th July - 7th August 2018
Art Gallery Le Papillon

Art Gallery Le Papillon presents the works of two authors, who have become excellent tandem in the years after successful joint exhibitions - the painter Valentin Angelov and the sculptor Petko Arnaudov. The theme that unites their works is intriguing the attention of not only the inquisitive mind - "The Important Things", which provoked the creative impulse in the search of the two authors. The exposition reveals the symbolism they are handling - a simple yet deep, covering both the visible and the invisible to the eye. And "important things" are as common to all as different and strictly individual to each person, determined by his personal worldview and understanding. They often turn out to be the little thing we notice spontaneously and associatively, referring us to an important moment, emotion and event, as if we get signs - guides in life.
The "Important Things" exhibition can be seen from July 12th to August 07th, 2018. in the exhibition hall of the gallery in Varna, Dragoman Str. 12. There are 14 picturesque canvases, 2 water-colors, 6 drawings by Valentin Angelov and 8 sculptures and objects of Petko Arnaudov. The high sense of color of the artist is complemented by the sculpture's unconventional ideas, which makes their joint appearances in well-balanced and harmonious exposures, influencing through their different means of expression, but in a complementary symbiosis of works.
Welcome to the exhibition on 12.07.2018 / Thursday / from 16.00 to 19.00 in the Le Papillon art gallery and you will dive into the sincere intriguing stories of their works, presented with humor and personally acquainted with Valentin Angelov and Petko Arnaudov!

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