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What to see

Graffit Gallery

Modern. Stylish. Urban. These three words describe the ambience and the temper of Varna’s newest area, dedicated to arts and culture – Graffit.
Graffit Gallery was built on the foundations of the Centre for Modern Art and keeps the specific spirit and traditions of the place – combining different styles and art messages. The names implies an allegory with the modern street art, provocative and revolutionary one, breaking up the status quo and carrying the new urban culture in arts. In short, Graffit is a cultural center open to the public – young, elder, local, Bulgarian and world one. The visitors of Graffit are sensitive to the global trends and local temper having taste both for the alternative and concreteness, for the imagination without borders.


Varna 9000, 65 Knyaz Boris I Blvd.
Working time: 10:00 - 19:00
tel.: +359 52/ 663 751

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