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What to see

Cavalet Gallery

Cavalet Gallery opened its doors in 1998. Its founders are the poetess Elka Nyagolova and the artist and curator Valeriy Poshtarov. The gallery is the successor of one the first private galleries in northeastern Bulgaria – Style Gallery (established 1993).
The gallery is housed in a stylish 100-year old house situated in the downtown of Varna. Its name comes from the Italian word cavaletto which means easel.
The exhibitions focus on the contemporary art processes and trends reflected in the traditions of Bulgarian and world art. The authors exhibited in the gallery are among the most established Bulgarian artists living in the country and abroad.
Once a year, on the gallery’s anniversary, one of the artists exhibited during the past 12 months, is awarded the Honorary Silver Cross Cavalet.

Opening times: 13:30-18:00

8, Bacho Kiro Str.
tel.: + 359 52 604 496



Sightseeingsof Varna

Stone Forest

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