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The monument of the Armenian Refugees

The monument of the armenian refugees is situated in the park before the Archaeological Museum.The idea for the monument's brothers Ovsepian- Erem and Arutyun. Monument is part of a project to create a song named “Adana”, translation of a book by Bulgarian and a monument. All of gratitude to the Bulgarian people that in 1915 accepted many refugees from Armenia.
The three parts of the project started almost simultaneously.For the monument older brother Erem looked suitable stone in the rocks of Armenia. When he found him transported to Yerevan studio Misha Avetisyan. Designed by Aslan Matiharyan monument was made of the sculptures Adranik and Gamlet. In October 2004, the monument arrived at the port of Varna and was transported to the courtyard of the Armenian Church “Sv.Sarkis.”
On April 24, 2006, the monument was inaugurated, had sung the song “Adana”.

GPS: 43.207052, 27.915664

забележителноститена Варна

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