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Villa Tanja

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price: from 0 to 50 BGN

Type: Rooms for rent

Location: St. st. Constantin and Helena resort

k.k.St.Konstantin i Elena, Abatko 41

00359 889671939

A leisurely 5 minute walk to the beach, 300 meters to the monastery park and to the Grand Hotel Varna
Holiday-Villa Tanja.
We are a Swabian-Bulgarian dropont married couple
and we are leasing our house whole the year.
Moor information-
Double bed, additional crib possible,
TV with international channels, refrigerator, balcony, separate shower and toilet
Common open dining room in the hall with kitchenette
All rooms and apartments, there is a WiFi wireless Internet access (W-LAN)
The room ist without air-conditioning.

Holiday flat, 26 sq. meters, Ground floor,

Max. 3-4 sleeping-places, living/dining room with kitchenette, air-conditioning plant, TV with international channels, refrigerator and a pull-out sofa.
Bedroom with double bed and washbasin.
Separate shower with toilet, separate nice shadowy patio.
All rooms and apartments, there is a WiFi wireless Internet access (W-LAN)

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Roman Thermae

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