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Atlas Hotel

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price: from 51 to 100 BGN

Type: Hotels

Location: Golden Sands resort

+35 95 2811 811

Atlas Hotel is situated in the Golden Sands Resort at 350 m southwest from the centre of the resort and 350 m from the beach coast. The hotel is part of the four-star hotel chain A HOTELS and offers all you need for an active and thorough vacation, sports and personal care – SPA Centre, offering a variety of healing and toning procedures, steam bath, sauna, fitness, outdoor and indoor pools, children pool with water slides, outdoor whirlpool bath tub, pool table, tennis table and a volleyball court.
The resort has 273 rooms – 12 suites, 17 studios, 10 family rooms and another 234 double rooms with a wonderful view to the park, the pool or the sea.
The hotel is located 60 min away from Varna Airport, 35 min from the Festival and Congress Centre – Varna, and 20 min away from the Palace of Culture and Sports – Varna.
Suitable for family holiday, SPA vacation or business events.

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