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Astor Garden

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price: from 101 to 150 BGN

Type: Hotels

Location: St. st. Constantin and Helena resort

+359 52 817 700

New five-star hotel, located in the Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort, outside the city of Varna, amid the freshness of the natural park environment and in just a few steps from the sea.
The Astor Garden Hotel is impressive with its classical architecture, elegant interior design and incomparable panoramic sea view. The hotel has 230 rooms and apartments built to give you a truly different and unforgettable experience.
Aquahouse Thermal & Beach Resort is located just next to the Astor Garden Hotel offering a variety of relaxation, rehabilitation, sports and entertainment opportunities.
The hotel is the perfect choice for a family summer holiday or SPA vacation, quick romantic gateway or corporate events and business trips when the purpose is to create a fruitful combination of business and leisure.

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The Fountain on Nezavisimost square

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