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HVD Viva Club Hotel

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price: from 101 to 150 BGN

Type: Hotels

Location: Golden Sands resort

Golden Sands, Varna

0884 800 959

Located in the peaceful and quite part of Golden Sands resort and surrounded by magnificent landscapes our hotel is the perfect place to share the moment with your family or beloved ones! The hotel will amaze you with its cozy ambiance where you can spend your vacation time far away from the busy and stressful life.

While our entertainers are taking care of your children at Viva Hotel’s mini-club you can relax by the pool and be delighted by the peaceful and quiet environment or take a walk to the fine, golden beach of the resort!

Visit us and take advantage of our special MAXIMUM ALL INCLUSIVE! We will take care for your perfect holiday!

It will be a pleasure for us to welcome you in Viva Hotel!

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