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Saint Nikola Holiday Home

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price: from 0 to 50 BGN

Type: Hotels

Location: Primorski district

Primorski Park 536

052/302 265 0889 079 001

Saint Nicholas Holiday Complex is located in the ancient sea town Odessos (now named Varna), in the area​​"St. Nicholas". It is located 10 meters from the seashore, in close proximity to a pristine beach.

The complex is about 14 km from Varna Airport, 3 km from the railway station Varna and 6 km from Varna Bus Station.

In the rich in greenery and flowers yard, on an area of ​​approximately 12 decares are located 9 holiday houses, 3 villas, apartments and studios in a hotel part.

Holiday Home "Sveti Nikola" has a parking , a children's playground, an outdoor fitness and a sports court.

The complex was partially renovated in 2014. It is suitable for family recreation, friendly gatherings, team-building events, green school and summer camps.

Be our guests and enjoy a relaxing holiday among greenery, clean sea air and a romantic beach!

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