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Ventura Boutique Hotel

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price: from 101 to 150 BGN

Type: Hotels

Location: Asparuhovo district

16 Mara Taseva street Asparuhovo, 9003 Varna

052/37 51 15

Ventura Boutique hotel combines elegant classical style with comfort and coziness for a business trip, relaxing stay and encounter with art in a unique informal atmosphere.Personal attitude and sophisticated service help every guest feel special.
Own brewery for live beer, stylish Italian furniture, oak flooring and stone facade - these are the hallmarks of Ventura Boutique hotel, worthy rated – “Building of the Year” in category “City Hotel” for 2009 and “Boutique hotel” for 2010 by the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association. The complex Ventura is located in a quiet district of Varna, 900 meters from the seacoast and the extensive beach, with easy access to the downtown and consists of a hotel with two adjacent premises – Ventura restaurant, Gallery bar-club and the small brewery.
Offers 2 small suites, 4 deluxe double rooms with double bed, 4 deluxe double rooms with twin beds, 2 double economy rooms with twin beds, 4 double rooms with double bed, comfortably furnished in balanced colors, offering all modern amenities.
Ventura Boutique hotel`s main attraction is an unique own brewery for production of livebeer with the trademark Gallagher, which is served in the restaurant and the bar.
Ventura restaurant has 100 seats divided into three differently decorated rooms. Gallagher hall is a favorite place for lovers of beer and beer grill. Classic hall will let you enjoy specially selected dishes of the European cuisine with a glass of wine from the special selection. Lobby hall, in its lovely Parisian-café style, is where you can enjoy coffee, generous breakfast and morning newspaper.
Gallery bar-club is located on an area of 400 sq.m. in the dominant style of Art Nouveau. Nice music and views of Varna bay contribute to the overall sense of beauty and harmony. Ventura Boutique hotel offers conditions for different events - special events, business meetings, conferences, seminars, presentation of different types of products and services, corporate training, shows, weddings, birthdays and family celebrations.

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