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Restaurant DARZALAS - Tavern & Cellar

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Type: Restaurants

Location: Odessos district

Varna 13, Blvd Maria Luisa GPS:43 12' 20''N 27 54' 44''E

+359 878 411 460

The DARZALAS Tavern & Cellar

Is the favourite place for all those who love fine wine and food
We propose traditional local cuisine, different cold and hot appetizers, cheeses, yogurt… We organize lunches, dinners, family parties, birthdays, thematic evenings, corporate events, cocktails and tasting sessions…
Food &Wine make a delicious pair!
Bon appétit ! Enjoy your meal !
Cheers - NAZDRAVE !

The wish of Wine Club Varna is to propose always a special selection of wines. Our criteria while making the wine choice are:
High quality - Talking about wine is good but drinking a quality wine is much better!
Specification - When you choose a wine you have to know its flavor, taste and style that you like.
Price - It's easy to buy an expensive wine. It's more difficult to find wine from less known wine growers with a good proportion of quality and price. These are our purpose and duty.
For you, our friends and guests, Wine Club Varna affords an opportunity to organize different kind of tasting including:
-The history of vine growing and wine producing in our lands from the time of the traces up to our days;
- Presenting the vine and wine regions in Bulgaria with their different sorts of grapes and the specialty while producing wine;
-Explaining how to taste the wine - The different stages while tasting and defining the wine characteristics.
• There is no restriction of people’s number while organizing the tasting.
Personal Tasting! If you want we can organize a tasting out of wine cellar Varna (at your house or in your office, restaurant, hotel…) according to your wishes and possibilities.
Our sommeliers will be at your place. We are to discuss this event.


Varna, Bulgaria
13, Blvd Maria Luisa GPS:43 12' 20''N 27 54' 44''E
Tel. (+359) 878 411 460 (+359) 899 929 061

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