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Restaurant Evergreen - The island

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Type: Restaurants

Location: Asparuhovo district

On a Varna canal shore

+359 886 076 177

"Evergreen" restaurant - "Island" tavern is located on the seashore canal, linking the Black Sea and Varna Lake. In the evenings the place is illuminated by the beauty of the sunset and the lanterns of the Asparuhov Bridge. One of the differences between the "Island" tavern and other establishments is the opportunity to visit it on a yacht or boat.

Wharf and sit down at the table. If you do not have your own ship, we are ready to provide you with a luxury yacht that will complement your unforgettable vacation.

The tavern "Islands" can be reached by land and by car. Come under the Asparuhov Bridge. And then follow the posted signs.

Free parking is provided to all guests.

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