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Diving equipment Aquadance

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Type: Shops

Location: Odessos district

31 Raiko Zhinzhifov str

052/644211, 0885631725

Import and sale of:
- SCUBA DIVING EQUIPMENT - dry and wetsuits, undersuits, masks, fins, snorkels, tanks, regulators, manometers, depth meters, consoles, computers, BCD's (buoyancy compensators), knives, lights, gloves, boots, hoods etc.
- HELMETS AND COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS -control panels, umbillicals, helmets, full-face masks and underwater communication systems (cable or ultrasonic/GSM/, with audio and/or video connection etc.
- ELECTRODES, torches, underwater cutting and welding systems -Broco
- COMPRESSORS for breathing air, high and low pressure models
- Spare parts and accessories

забележителноститена Варна

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