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VIP Tour Varna

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Type: Entertainment & leisure

Location: Golden Sands resort

+359 899 339 990

08:30 Pick up in front of your hotel. From there we leave to the old city center of Varna. A small pleasant walk takes us to the "Holy Assumption" church from 1602, known as the "Malka Bogoroditsa" for a visit and we pass by the Roman Baths. After the old center we head for the "Stone Forest". Here we discover the tales and legends surounding East Europes only desert.
To search some shadow after the desert, we visit Devnya, known for its Karst Sources and Roman Mosaics. At the Karst Sources, known locally as tge "Valshebnite Izvori", you have some free time for beautiful pictures. Form here we leave for the visit of the Museum of Roman Mosaics in Devnya.

After all this, time has come to discover the daily bulgarian life with a visit to Belaslav, a city along Varna Lake. Here we visit a working distillery. You will be abled to see for yourself how the most popular bugarian drink is made.

For a taste of this bugarian gold, we invite you to "Dom Kasata" A house in the typical Bulgarian Revival Style. Under the shadow of vine leaves you enjoy a true home made me. After some free time we make our way back to the resorts. Return in Golden Sands between 14:30 - 15:00

забележителноститена Варна

Main Pedestrian Zone

Main Pedestrian Zone

In order the cultural- historical attractions to be more attractive and accessible a complete reconstruction and modernisation of the main...
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