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Historical Park

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Type: Entertainment & leisure

Location: Primorski district

Istoricheski Park AD 9000 Varna, Neofit Rilski Village, Bulgaria

+359 897 673 260

Welcome to the world's largest historical park!

Designed as a complex of exceptional size, with a final surface exceeding fifty hectares, the Historical Park will offer Bulgarian visitors, as well as foreigners, an interactive journey going back 10,000 years in time and crossing the five great times of human civilization that have left their mark on our territory.

All this starting from The Chalcolithic and Neolithic Age, passing through the glorious history of the Thracians and Rome, until the heyday of the First and Second Bulgarian Empires.
Thanks to many interactive and sensory activities, the Park will allow its visitors to approach these ancient and millena-old cultures, bringing a revolution in cultural and historical tourism.

Through themed craft classes, historical shows and films, introductory sessions on ancient martial arts and horse riding, theoretical seminars, exhibitions and reproductions of artifacts, objects and life of the past, these five eras will become accessible to visitors. The park will also contain acres of picturesque lakes, as well as traditional recreation and dining facilities, offering authentic recipes of ancient times made from natural Bulgarian products only.

For an even more enjoyable stay, a children's play area, a cinema complex and a souvenir shop offering authentic Bulgarian reproductions created by master craftsmen from ancient artifacts will be available, among many other activities. The largest of the historic parks is situated 33 kilometers from the city of Varna, in the village of Neofit Riski.

Historical Park, where heroes leave their mark.

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