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Type: Tour operators

Location: Odessos district

Varna, 31 B Bratya Shkorpil str

052/ 615 625 ; 0878 737 532

JVV J.S.C. - Top Travel BG is a Touroperator and Travel Agency with licence № 3812/ 28.01.2005. The company is registered in Varna, Bulgaria and owns two hotels in Golden Sands Resort and Chajka Resort.

We strive for offering qualitative service and variety of products, which reply to our clients' needs and expectations.

A guarantee for the quality of our services is our direct contact with hoteliers, transport companies and international carriers.

JVV J.S.C. - Top Travel BG offers the following services:

- Summer and Winter vacations and excursions in the most exotic and attractive resorts in Bulgaria and abroad.

- Leisure and recreation at the best SPA and WELLNESS Centers in Bulgaria.

- Group and individual trips to the most desirable destinations throughout the world.

- Organization of proms.

- Hotel bookings worldwide.

- Medical insurance.

- Guide services.

- Rent-a-car.

- Entry/ exit/ transit visas.

If you do not find exactly what you are interested in - please, contact us by e-mail, phone or come directly in our office. Our young and ambitious team, with excellent knowledge and experience in the field of tourism, will help you with all you need. We will do everything possible to make your holliday the best!

Sightseeingsof Varna

Roman Thermae

Roman Thermae

At the end of the 2nd c. A.D. thermal baths were built on a territory of 7.000 sq. m. These were the biggest on the Balkan Peninsula. They became...
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