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Type: Entertainment & leisure

Location: Primorski district

с. Неофит Рилски, общ. Ветрино, област Варна


In the village you may see:
New Stone Age House (Neolithic Age) 6000-4000 years B.C.
Copper Stone Age House (Chalcolithic or Eneolithic) 4000-3000 years B.C.
A museum with a rich collection of Thracian gold and silver treasures, weapons, ceramics, coins.
Restoration of the mural of the Alexandrovska tomb.

In the village you may try:
Variety of delicious food prepared in special recipes.
Pictures with antique clothes, armor and weapons.
Photos with wax figures.

Sightseeingsof Varna

Arhaeological museum - Varna

Arhaeological museum - Varna

The most significant exponents in the museum are from the Varna Eneolith necropolis which was found during accidental construction works in the...
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