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Shakespeare & Friends bookshop

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Type: Shops

Location: Odessos district

28 Dragoman Street

+359 877 664 007 ; +359 52 640 568

Shakespeare & Friends Bookshop is American owned and a unique, funky
independent bookstore in Bulgaria selling new and used books in
primarily English along with French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch,
Bulgarian and Russian.
This literary apothecary was established 10 years ago in Varna on the
Black Sea coast and has become famous locally and internationally for
its unique atmosphere and prescription of just the right book! There is
a wide range of genres including History, Historical Fiction, SciFi,
Fantasy, Crime/Thriller, Cooking, Classics, Health, Business, Psychology
and best sellers.
Along with good conversation, if you are looking for a book and you
don’t find it on the shelves, it can be ordered.
Shakespeare & Friends is more than just a bookstore. It is an
international meeting point and cultural center which connects people
and in return is helped by others. Enjoy the company of people who love
books and culture. If you have books collecting dust, donations are
greatly appreciated in all languages.
“Be kind to strangers lest they be angels in disguise”.

Telephone 052 / 640 568
International +359 52 640 568
Mobile +359 877 664 007
E-mail books (at):
Facebook: shakespearefriends

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