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Escape House - "Балът на изненадите"

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Type: Entertainment & leisure

Location: Odessos district

Bratya Shkorpil 21

+359 876 488 276

"The Masquerade of Surprises" is the first and most successful escape room of Escape House. It has an authentic atmosphere in antique style and aims to put the players in unforgettable emotions and experience. Various puzzles and challenges will test your abilities and team spirit.

Escape House offers:
• 66 minutes of play;
• 2 levels of difficulty, plus version for children;
• some nice photos with our unique masks and mantles;
• free parking.

The story of "The Masquerade of Surprises":
You and your friends are at a masquerade ball in Venice hosted by a mysterious host.
While the party and the night are progressing, you fell a little bit bored and decided to browse through the ancient mansion. Walking through the premises you accidentally discover a secret room.
And now, driven by your curiosity, you enter the room to see what’s hidden in it…

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