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Sightseeing in Varna

Recreational and Entertainment Zone at the Port of Varna

In 2016 a new "Recreational and Entertainment Zone at the Port of Varna" with area of 2.7 ha was set apart. In partnership between the Municipality of Varna and the Port of Varna this area has been socialised and has been turned into an attractive pedestrian alley with free access for all the residents and visitors of the city. 

In the past months significant cultural and sport events such as the Day of Varna, the international "Tall Ships" Regatta, "FUNCITY+" etc. had been organised there. Thus the first impression for the tourists coming to Varna by the sea is of an attractive zone with benches, flowers, palm trees and cosy cafes. There is a car park allocated in the area which facilitates the cruise operators and the visitors. 

Sightseeingsof Varna

Roman Thermae

Roman Thermae

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