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Discover Varna


Two identical ferryboat vessels operated by NAVIBULGAR ("Geroite na Sevastopol" and "Geroite na Odesa") each with total carrying capacity of 108 waggons/900 cars/100 motor trucks up to 16m length operate the regular lines:
Varna - Chernomorsk - Varna

Varna - Poti / Batumi - Varna

Chernomorsk - Poti / Batumi - Chernomorsk 

The trade name of Navibulgar's ferry line forwarding branch is FERRYSPED. It provides a "door to door" carriage of all types of cargo (railway rolling stock, trucks, and containers, passengers, deck cargo and cars) to and from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afganistan, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia, using railway, maritime and auto transport. 
Ferrysped together with Company partners offer several transport schemes for cargo shipment from Europe to Transcaucasia and Central Asia.
VARNA - ILYICHEVSK - POTI/BATUMI is the part of Transport Corridor Europe - Caucasus - Asia (TRACECA)

Main Office - Varna, Bulgaria
Navibulgar House,1, Primorski Boulevard,
9000 Varna, Bulgaria 
tel.: +359 52 633 100 
fax: +359 52 633 033 

tel.: +35952683409, +35952683242
mob.: +359888449052, +359887000469


забележителноститена Варна

The Fountain on Nezavisimost square

The Fountain on Nezavisimost square

One of the most popular attractions of the sea capital of Bulgaria is the fountain located on Independence (Nezavisimost) square of the city....
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