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Discover Varna

University of Economics - Varna

The first Bulgarian higher school of commerce with 94 years of experience.
Globally recognized diplomas in the fields of Economics, Administration and Management, Tourism, Informatics and Computer Sciences. 20 accredited Bachelor's degree programmes and 30 Master's degree programmes. Three programmes taught in English and two in Russian.
Syllabuses harmonized with the best educational standards. More than 300 creative and connected with the business teaching staff with on-going academic growth. Well-established approach with regard to the lecturers - practice-proven professionals. Projects under ERASMUS+, CEEPUS for training through educational exchange and agreements with 70 higher schools in Europe. Traineeship programmes in Bulgaria and abroad. University as well as European scholarships.
Innovative, high-tech University. Five research centres enrich the connection between business and training in the newest areas of knowledge by means of interdisciplinary research, analyses and consultancy services. In cooperation with the Career Centre those develop students in a genuine environment and assist their academic growth and professional realization in Bulgaria and abroad. The entire academic potential is working on numerous operational programmes and international projects, whose progress is monitored by a specialized sector.
Modern environment for competitive education. Development of the project The University - i-zone with quick Internet access and large-scale IT implementation in all activities. One of the most modern libraries in Bulgaria with 350,000 volumes. Subscription to the best information bases and publications. Functional sports complex with five specialized halls. Ceremonial hall with spatial and technical capacity for attractive events included in the cultural calendar for the leisure time.

University of Economics - Varna
Varna 9002, blvd. "Knyaz Boris I" 77  
tel.: +359 52 660 212

Sightseeingsof Varna

Main Pedestrian Zone

Main Pedestrian Zone

In order the cultural- historical attractions to be more attractive and accessible a complete reconstruction and modernisation of the main...
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