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Discover Varna

College of Tourism - Varna

The College of Tourism was established in 1963 by the Committee of Tourism within the Council of Ministers. In 1989 the College was incorporated within the structure of the University of Economics – Varna and since 1999 it has been one of its core branches. Being a state-run institution, the College was awarded institutional accreditation in the same year and it has had the highest credit rating in accreditation evaluation carried out every six years.
Admission of students is after completed secondary education and is carried out through entrance exams in professional aptitude – oral exam, and a foreign language – written and oral exams.

Applicants compete for three courses:
 - Tourism Management - full-time course
 - Leisure Management - full-time course
 - Hotel and Restaurant Management – full-time and part-time courses
Duration of Course is three academic years, 6 semesters for the full-time and part-time study.  
The course of study is completed after passing four State Exams in:  Theoretical Knowledge, Practical Skills and First and Second Foreign Languages. On successful completion of the course students are awarded Professional Bachelor’s Degree. The graduates hold a University Diploma for Higher Education and a European Diploma Supplement in English.
This qualification allows them to work in small and medium-sized or large tourist companies at operations or junior management positions.
College graduates holding this Diploma can continue their education to obtain a Master’s Degree at the University of Economics – Varna, Veliko Turnovo University, Sofia University and Oxford Brookes University, UK. They can successfully build a career in the Domestic and International Tourism Industry.

Tourism Management Graduates
may seek employment and pursue a career at operational and management level
- as organizers in tourism,
- as managers in tour and travel agent’s,
- as guides, entertainers, consultants in travel and reservations,
- as travel guides and interpreters.

Leisure Management Graduates                                                                                           
may seek employment and pursue a career at operational and management level            
- as organizers in tourism and special-interest travel companies,                                     
- as entertainers, sport and activity organizers in amusement and theme parks,
- as events managers and  consultants in leisure and convention centres,                          
- as travel guides and interpreters.

Hotel and Restaurant Management Graduates
may seek employment and pursue a career at operational and management level
- as managers, assistant managers in the hospitality business,
- as heads of departments in hotels, motels, campsites,
- as managers of restaurants, bars and other catering establishments,
- as bartenders, wine stewards, catering and banqueting specialists.

Varna 9000, 158A Slivnitza blvd.
Tel.: +359 52 620 722

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