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"Chernorizets Hrabar" - Free University of Varna

Chernorizets Hrabar Free University of Varna was established in 1991. On 21 July 1995, by resolution of the 37th National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria, the University was officially granted the status of Higher Education Institution. The University provides full-time and part-time education in all academic degrees regulated by the Bulgarian Act on Higher Education, i.e. BA, MA, and PhD.
In 2001, the University was granted its first institutional accreditation for a five-year period. On 27 July 2006, Chernorizets Hrabar Free University of Varna was granted its second institutional accreditation by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency for a six-year period, deserving the highest of all marks, "Very Good". Today, the University is well-renowned as a major academic and research centre, teaching Bulgarian and international students in nationally significant academic fields, guaranteeing a globally competitive academic and research product. Currently, the University provides education for over 12 thousand students in 67 B.A. and M.A. programmes, as well as in 20 accredited PhD specialities.
The Bulgarian Black Sea Capital’s youngest university is a dependable partner preferred by any academic institution in Europe, the USA and Asia. Among VFU’s well-established academic traditions are the exchange programmes and partnerships with numerous offshore universities and institutes.
The University is among the initiators and most active members of the Black Sea University Network. VFU’s lecturers and students take an ever more significant part in diverse international projects, such as Tempus, Erasmus, Leonardo, and other research and education dedicated programmes funded by the EU.
VFU’s long-term partners, which include numerous research, economic and business organisations, are always ready to provide their facilities for the practical training of our students and applied scientific needs of our lecturers, and above all, with regard to our active involvement in different national and international public projects, in response to the challenges of an ever-globalising information society.
Varna Free University is the only Bulgarian university to have been awarded an ECTS and a DS Label, the education provided by it being recognised everywhere in Europe.
All these characteristics make Varna Free University an integral part of the European and global education space.

Varna 9007, „Chaika“ Resort, str. „Yanko Slavchev“
tel.: +359 52 355 106

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