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Naval Academy "N. Y. Vaptsarov"

N.Y. Vaptsarov Naval Academy is the oldest technical school in Bulgaria. With its illustrous history and traditions in training sea specialists, N.Y. Vaptsarov Naval Academy is one of the symbols of Varna and Bulgaria in the world maritime community.
At present, the Academy trains specialists for the Navy and for the merchant marine in all areas of maritime life.
Research and development conducted at the Academy have established its reputation as a centre of maritime science and marine technologies.
N.Y. Vaptsarov Naval Academy maintains international contacts with similar schools and academies from the USA, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, etc. The Academy is one of the founders and an active member of the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU).

N. Y. Vaptsarov Naval Academy
Varna 9026, V. Drumev St.
tel.: +359 52 632 015, +359 52 522 222

Sightseeingsof Varna

Small (south) Roman Thermae /3rd and 6th century AD/

Small (south) Roman Thermae /3rd and 6th century AD/

They are located in the southeastern part of today’s Varna, further south of the Large Roman Thermae. They were built in the 3rd-6th...
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