96th International Music Festival “Varna summer”

Saturday, 25/06/2022г.-Saturday, 08/10/2022г.
96th International Music Festival “Varna summer”

Programme 2022

25th of June, 20:00hrs - Official opening
Varna state opera

27th of June, 19:00hrs - Michel Deneuve and String Quartet "Debussy"
University of Economics - Aula

28th of June, 19:00hrs - Bulgarian music, performed by European artists
City art gallery "Boris Georgiev"

2nd of July, 19:00hrs - String Quartet "Karol Szymanowski"
University of Economics - Aula

3rd of July, 19:00hrs - Paganini Ensemble Vienna
University of Economics - Aula

4th - 6th of July - International Symposium "French modernism"
City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev"

4th of July, 19:00hrs - International Symposium Concert 1
City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev"

5th of July, 19:00hrs - International Symposium Concert 2
City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev"

6th of July, 19:00hrs - International Symposium Concert 3
City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev"

8th-10th of July - Masterclasses with Vivi Vassileva and Luis Campara and concert of the participants
City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev", National School of Arts "Dobri Hristov"

8th-12th of July - Violin masterclasses with Dimitar Burov and concert of the participants
City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev", National School of Arts "Dobri Hristov"

8th-14th of July - Opera singing masterclasses with Emil Ivanov and concert of the participants
City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev", National School of Arts "Dobri Hristov"

11th of July, 19:00hrs - Piano and viola concert with Liudmil Angelov and Rumen Tsvetkov
City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev"

11th - 17th of July - Annual violinists competition "Fund Prof. Minchev's violins" and concert
City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev"

26th of July, 20:00hrs - Trio "Sapiace"
City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev"

28th of July, 19:00hrs - Piano recital of Galin Ganchev
City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev"

30th of July, 19:00hrs - Concert of Yana Burova and Sibila Konstantinova
City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev"


“Varna Summer” International Music Festival is the first music festival in Bulgaria, founded in 1926 in the city of Varna.
Almost 100 years ago, just after the official opening of the Varna’s Sea Baths in 1926 - the first SPA center in the sea town, emblematic personalities of Varna society at that time, among them the composers Pancho Vladigerov and Dobri Hristov, set the beginning of the first in the country music celebrations, which later became the biggest International Music Festival in Bulgaria. Having received national and international recognition, today the Festival is a representative forum of Bulgarian and world music and music performing art.

The slogan of the first organisers "to unite the best music celebrities of the country" finds its continuation and advance in the promotion of Bulgarian music culture in the policy of Festival’s programming. A number of Bulgarian works have been performed for the first time within the "Varna Summer".

The Festival has multi-genre character and includes the following modules:

  • Core Program – symphony and chamber music
  • International symposium
  • International Summer Music Academy
  • Music Lab – Varna
  • Renaissance and Baroque Music
  • Opera and Ballet
  • Crossover
  • Intermezzo – in partnership with the “Varna Summer” International Theater Festival 
  • “Varna Summer for Kids” - series of educational concerts
  • Parallel Program – exhibitions, films, conferences and others

In its more than 90-year long history the Festival has impressed with the presence of soloists, conductors, symphony and chamber orchestras, choirs, opera ensembles, ballet companies from around the world. But the ambition of every next festival program is to present at the stage of the "Varna Summer" IMF both the renowned names of the world music culture and young artists - future stars. In 1987 the Festival became a member of the European Festival Association based in Geneva. Nowadays, EFA is one of the major non-governmental organizations working at European level in Brussels on the cultural policies of the old continent, which twice consecutively awarded the EFFE Label to "Varna Summer" IMF within the period 2015-2020

In June 2019 The Festival was honored with the EFFE label, an Europe’s quality stamp, for its program and organization among 715 festivals across Europe. The exceptional success of the festival was also confirmed by receiving the AUDIENCE AWARD.

Artistic Director in 2019 and 2020 is Prof. Mario Hossen.  

Venues: Festival and Congress Center, City Art Gallery, Summer Theater, Archaeological Museum patio, Varna state opera, University of Economics-Aula, National School of Arts "Dobri Hristov"
Organiser: Varna Municipality - Culture and Intellectual Development Directorate
Contact details: tel.: +359 52 820 352; e-mail:

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